Operational Assessment

A comprehensive, objective assessment will identify and clarify what is working well and what needs more attention.

Operational Assessment

Complexity often sneaks up on an organization. The operating practices that served the organization well in its infancy and early growth stages can actually become barriers to success when the organization reaches a certain critical mass.

StraightUp will provide a comprehensive, objective assessment of the business support functions of your organization. This assessment will inform you as to how well the major processes, technologies, organization structure, policies and procedures are positioned to support the organization’s immediate, medium and longer term goals. The scope of this review can span the entire organization or known problem areas within a particular business function or department (e.g., Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Project Management and Risk Management).

These powerful truths are the foundation for building the path to strengthen your organization’s capabilities.

StraightUp will provide recommendations for addressing the issues and opportunities, guide you in prioritizing them and create a systematic plan to enhance your organization’s performance.

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