Interim Executive Services

Interim services – a strategic option to fill a temporary staffing need while at the same time gaining fresh perspectives from a seasoned professional.

Interim Executive Services

StraightUp provides on-demand executive level-talent (CFO, CAO, COO) to fill a temporary need on a full or part-time basis to:

  • Address a sudden departure in a key role;
  • Provide fresh perspectives and professional insights into the longer term needs for a key role;
  • Provide a buffer, while the organization takes the time required to find the right permanent hire; and
  • Assist with mentoring, onboarding and knowledge transfer to the permanent hire.

Our interim solutions provide organizations with flexibility in staffing with the skills and experience needed to effectively lead multifaceted change during a period of uncertainty. Organizations can avoid a long term financial commitment to a role that may need to be configured after a larger transformation.

StraightUp’s interim solutions are tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and can include concurrent delivery of other elements of our service offering such as an Operational Assessment.

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