Business Process Transformation

StraightUp takes an integrated approach when designing and implementing business processes and technologies.

Business Process Transformation

When new or major changes are needed to your organization’s business processes, StraightUp can help you define and implement effective processes and enabling technologies that are right-sized for your needs.

StraightUp takes an integrated approach in designing and implementing business processes. When new or major changes to technologies are deployed without adequate consideration to the surrounding processes and the people who operate those processes, the benefits of the technology are often not fully achieved or not realized at all. We ensure that process and technology solutions are designed in tandem.

StraightUp will work collaboratively with your team to confirm what is working well and what is not working well in the current state and we will involve and lead them throughout the design, evaluation and implementation of the new processes. Services include:

  • End-to-end business process and technology review and redesign
  • Shared services design and implementation
  • Pre-merger process review and post-merger process integration

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