Our Work

A customized plan with clear and timely communication.

Our Process

It all begins with a conversation. At StraightUp we believe that one size does not fit all. We listen to you and ask questions to make sure we fully understand your issues, your needs, your priorities. From there we develop a customized plan outlining our proposed approach for carrying out the engagement.

Because we believe that clear and timely communication is essential to building trust and ultimately the success of the project, a key element of our initial dialogue with you will be around developing a plan to communicate the launch of the project to people within your organization and to external stakeholders. And throughout the project, we will communicate with you regularly as the work progresses at a frequency and in a format that suits you best.

Stronger, more resilient, more nimble.


Our comprehensive assessment helps organizations see beyond the symptoms and provides deeper insights. We connect the dots by identifying and analyzing interrelated issues and then present findings in a clear and understandable format – with careful consideration of the organization’s strategic priorities and risk. The result is a more effective, reliable and nimble set of business support capabilities – a strong foundation for the organization’s continued success in the face of new challenges and opportunities.

Samples of Our Work

Click to view: Framework for Stabilizing Operations –  a high-level action plan that StraightUp developed to illustrate the interdependent activities required to address the key issues and opportunities identified in an Operational Assessment.

Framework for Stabilizing Operations-Jan5 2016

Click to view: Overview of Business Process Review  – a sample timeline, key steps and deliverables for a Business Process Review and Transformation project.

Business Process Review Overview-Jan5 2016