Clarify. Energize. Strengthen.

StraightUp helps not-for-profits and businesses solve their most pressing structural, finance and operating problems. We untangle the multitude of symptoms, provide fresh perspectives on the real issues and deliver practical, cost-effective solutions that make your organization stronger and more resilient.


Because your needs are unique, StraightUp’s solutions are always customized. It all begins with a conversation. We listen to you and ask questions to make sure we fully understand your issues, your needs, your priorities.
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StraightUp continues to develop practical tools, templates and other resources to help our clients overcome their operating challenges.
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Are you ignoring your organization’s check oil light?

For those of us who own cars, trucks or SUVs and drive them regularly, here’s a short survey to evaluate your risk tolerance. Yes or no, do you: Wait until your brakes fail completely, before having them inspected and serviced? Drive in extreme snow and freezing rain...

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2 Simple Questions to Enrich Your Conversations

Do you find that your interactions with other people – your friends, coworkers, spouse, partner, children and extended family rarely go beyond the superficial? In our busy multi-tasking lives we exchange facts, figures, data, details, 140 characters and emoticons. And...

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“A strategic thinker who understands the big picture, Margaret acted as a very effective bridge in fine-tuning our strategic vision and translating it into operational and tactical plans and actions. ”

Dr. David Henry 

Professor IHPME & Dalla Lana School of Medicine, University of Toronto 
Former President and CEO Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

“Margaret’s contribution has been invaluable. She brought together a cross-functional process review team who, under her leadership, worked collaboratively to create a backdrop for a new department that will be better positioned to manage operational risk, respond proactively to growth and integrate effectively and productively with our internal and external partners.”

Frank Colantonio

Director, Professional Learning and Development
CPA Canada

“Margaret introduced a risk management discipline into our organization that continues to guide and protect us. Her step-by-step, collaborative approach helped us develop deep insights and a common understanding of the key risks facing the organization and to create strategies to effectively manage those risks going forward.”

Jennifer Grass

Senior Director, Communications & Public Affairs
Council of Ontario Universities

“Margaret has the ability to take a mess of information, context, constraints and opportunities and from that develop a clear picture of the current state, a vision for the future and the concreted steps needed to get there. She brings order to what seems like muddy chaos and she does it in a way that makes other people feel included, inspired, and confident that they know what they need to do to succeed.”

Liz Sutherland

Policy Advisor, Ontario Nonprofit Network
Former Senior Policy Analyst, Council of Ontario Universities